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The Youkpocalypse is upon us

So, the Yankees swept the Red Sox this week, capping their clobbering of Boston with a 2-hit, 5-0 rout in New York last night. Even as the Yanks/Sox rivalry goes, last night was a wild one, but what stood out most to me were the continuing adventures of Joba Chamberlain, guest starring Kevin Youkilis.

And then in the ninth, Yankees rookie sensation Joba Chamberlain was tossed following a pair of pitches over Kevin Youkilis' head.

It's not even Labor Day, and already there was late-season passion between these old foes.

"If that young man is trying to get our attention, he did a very good job," Francona said.

If you need to be buzzed by a pitch in order to pay attention to the best reliever on the Yankees roster right now, a guy who throws triple digit heat, then you’re an idiot who isn’t fit to manage one of Mark Cuban’s Dairy Queens. Nobody really knows why Chamberlain threw two wild pitches over Youk’s head, but if he was sending him a message by throwing three feet over his head, I’m sure the message was received. Maybe Joba just doesn’t like guys who look like David Wells after a meth bender.

"That's absolutely ridiculous," Yankees manager Joe Torre said about the ejection. "Unfortunately, in a lot of situations, the umpires do not apply common sense. And I've seen it too many times. And something has to change. Either they have to school them or do something that certainly gives them a feel for the game better than they showed today."

Translation: If you think I’d send the only reliable bullpen arm I have to fill in space between the starter leaving and Rivera coming out, you’re fucking insane. Why in the hell would I risk my best reliever getting suspended when I’ve got pieces of garbage like Ron Villone and Kyle Farnsworth sitting around eating peanuts and playing cards in the bullpen?

I don’t know of Joba did it deliberately. I don’t know why Joba did it if it was on purpose. But I do know Joe Torre didn’t tell Joba Chamberlain to go out there and throw at Youkilis’ big fat head, because Joe Torre doesn’t have a LaRussa-level drinking problem and realizes that he needs all the live arms he can get.
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Silly Youkilis--that was just Joba being helpful and explaining to him just how far he went off the basepath earlier. :D

Seriously, I have no idea why Joba decided to make Youkilis the John Kruk to his Randy Johnson, but I bet he's firmly ensconced in Youk's psyche right now, so we'll have to wait and see what happens at Fenway in a couple weeks.

Oh, and Youk really does look like Boomer Wells after a meth binge; my son and I were at Applebee's having dinner when we first saw the game recap, and when Youk's face appeared, the first thing out of my son's mouth was, "What happened to David Wells? He looks like he's been in an accident or something."

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