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Ookie in the Pokey

In his written plea filed last week, Vick admitted helping kill six to eight pit bulls and supplying money for gambling on the fights. He said he did not personally place any bets or share in any winnings.

Shortly afterward, the NFL suspended him indefinitely and without pay. Merely associating with gamblers can trigger a lifetime ban under the league’s personal conduct policy.

Well, kudos to Michael Vick. Regardless of the plea bargain, being the center and money man for a gambling enterprise is probably not a good thing, especially after the NBA got roundly (and deservedly) sodomized over Tim Donaghy fixing games. Let’s just hit this asshole with a lifetime ban and get it done with, shall we?

He didn’t associate with gamblers like Alex Karras and Paul Hornung in 1963, he fucking RAN a gaming enterprise (or at least bankrolled one, and if you believe that he never shared in the winnings you should drink a big cup of bleach because you are too gullible to live). Not only that, Hornung and Karras were both forthright about what they did, rather than lying about it and making things worse. How this could even be close to acceptable in the NFL’s eyes is totally beyond me.

I imagine the only reason that Vick is still technically in the NFL, aside from the salary cap ramifications for the Falcons, is the NFL doesn’t want the NAACP all over them. Give it a year or two, and Vick will have degenerated to the point where he’ll be unable to play professional football (because he’s only good scrambling, has no touch whatsoever as a quarterback, and doesn’t strike me as the type who’ll be able to learn to be a quarterback while scrambling from buttsex in the prison shower).

Eat a dick, Ookie.
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I just wish they'd get his sentencing over and done with, because otherwise we're going to be hearing about it ad nauseum until December 10. Just put the fucker in his Club Fed and be done with it.

Posted by Jade at 08/28/07 00:47:37

Who gives a big rats ass?? If he was into dog fitting. He shouldn't go to jail he is a damn good football player. And everyone of us has done something that we're not proud of and if he wasn't so well known we wouldn't have even known about it. Hello its just dogs..Would anyone have cared this much had he been cock fighting? No, I doubt it! Give the man a break!!!

Posted by at 10/10/07 19:19:42

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