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An Open Letter to Michael Vick

Dear Ookie,

You’re an embarrassment to your family, you dog-abusing son of a bitch.



PS: Hey, remember when you used to be the sane one and I was the gun-toting scumbag? Those were good times, man. Good times.

EDIT: Someone asked me if this was really upsetting to me. Yes and no. It does upset me, because this guy is a multimillionaire who started his own dogfighting business AFTER making his millions of dollars. This isn't a poor guy who doesn't have any better idea of how to make a living aside from slinging drugs, this is a guy who was already worth a fortune by the time he bought this property and set up his dogfighting kennels. Not only is it obviously stupid and cruel, it's also really fucking greedy.
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Michael Vick is a paradox. He lives one life in front of millions and another dark world where he retreats into his past and upbringing on the streets of the ghetto. This is no excuse..many people have been raised in poverty this man never wanted to change. Since when is slaming one of Gods creatures into the ground,executing them electrically,drowning them and shooting them how in some peoples eyes ok...who am i talking about besides Michael Vick? I am talking about the ass holes who paid to watch this execution and took their children to witness the same. THEY ARE JUST AS GUILTY AND SHOULD BEAR THIS GUILT... AMEN

Posted by at 07/22/07 16:16:19

I hope when he is in prison with those "teamates" that he's put on a rape stand just like those poor dogs were.

Posted by at 08/20/07 21:15:23

Of course, Sick vick does not deserve"a second chance". what's all this crap about "everyone" deserving a second chance? No, they don't. This is a vicious, depraved,violent torturer/killer. Of course must work to support himself, but not rewarded by this luxurious career. Anyone who thinks this guy is actually sorry- Use your brain.

Posted by at 08/15/09 00:46:39

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