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Benoit news trickles in.

More Benoit coverage, and more of the promised bizarre details concerning the murder/suicide of the professional wrestling champion, his wife, and 7-year-old son. This is starting to get really interesting.

There were steroids found in the home, but the steroids appear to have not been for Benoit’s use. Instead, the steroids were apparently for use by his son, whom District Attorney Scott Ballard describes as having needle marks on his arms and as being “very small, even dwarfed.” Steroids and HGH are commonly used to treat dwarfism.

Benoit passed his most recent employer mandated drug test, given on April 10th, and never failed a test while with the company, unlike several other top talents.

Benoit was in the house for over a day with the bodies before taking his own life, which does not suggest a steroid fueled rage. Preliminary autopsy results suggest Nancy Benoit was killed Friday, and Daniel Benoit was killed Saturday or early Sunday morning.

While no history of domestic violence was noted, in their May 2003 divorce filing, Nancy alleged “cruel treatment” and the usual irreconcilable differences. The filing and a request for a restraining order were later withdrawn. There is no evidence to back up the claims in the divorce paperwork (people will say anything in a divorce proceeding to boost their chances at getting whatever it is they want, regardless of truth).

Toxicology results may not be known for several weeks, but I’m interested to see the results. This is fascinating, in a train-wreck sense.

When football players go nuts, everyone blames post-concussion syndrome. Why has no one other than myself mentioned that pro wrestlers suffer more concussions more often than any football player, because pro wrestlers fall on their heads constantly, accidentally get kicked and punched in the skull, and generally take more abuse more often than your average offensive lineman? Wrestlers don't have an off-season and until they make it big, only get paid when they work.
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This story is pretty interesting, just so sad, 7 year old kid, that is just unfortunate. It seems like sports athletes are just getting out of control these days, there is no telling what they will do.

Posted by Ryna at 06/27/07 16:01:13

This story is pretty interesting, just so sad, 7 year old kid, that is just unfortunate. It seems like sports athletes are just getting out of control these days, there is no telling what they will do.

Posted by Ryan at 06/27/07 16:01:45

I don't know what the laws are surrounding the act of providing HGH to a child, but it sure sounds "off" to me. That being the case, if Benoit was the sort of father that could justify an act like that, it doesn't seem far-fetched that he could also be the sort of father that could justify killing his child, if that meant saving the child from a life of ridicule. I feel a little stronger with that theory due to the fact that Daniel apparently suffered from some sort of retardation.

Placing the Bibles next to his wife and child also tells me that he believed his actions to be of the ultimate good--however misguided they may have been.

Posted by JK at 06/28/07 06:05:08

According to some reports, Daniel Benoit was not only born with a form of dwarfism, but also Fragile X Syndrome, which involves mental retardation and autism. The HGH would have been a legitimate treatment for the dwarfism.

It adds yet another facet to what was already a bizarre case, since Chris and his wife were reported as having been arguing over their son's care. It is reported that Nancy wanted Chris to spend less time on the road because caring for Daniel alone was becoming too much for her.

It also supports my theory (posted earlier) that Chris killed his son as a misguided and deluded attempt to "spare" him. With his mother dead and his father either jailed or dead, Daniel would have most likely been either institutionalized or placed in foster care unless there was a relative or close friend who was willing to take over his care. Considering his mental and physical state would make his care difficult financially at the very least (never mind the physical and emotional investment required), the chances of someone in the family taking him in or assisting in his care must have been slim to none, otherwise Nancy would not have been complaining about having to care for him alone. It still does not justify his death by any means, but it does provide some insight as to why Benoit made the choice to end his son's life.

Posted by Jade at 06/28/07 16:25:52

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