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Breakin' (a leg) 2: Electric Barbaro

Matronly old women and compulsive gamblers everywhere can now rejoice! Barbaro's got another brother! Now, this new baby horse hasn't even been named yet, but I managed to grab an exclusive picture of him on a surreptitious nightime drive through Lexington.

Click to see the exclusive image!

Barbaro Jr.

I shouldn't say things like this; it's very offensive to horses.

As for good names for Barbaro's brother, I've got a few:

The Eventual Tripod
Ned Beatty
Sarah Jessica Barbaro
The Next Karate Horse
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My suggestions:

Vinnie Barbarino
That Other Horse that Looks Like Barbaro
Mister Ed
Paid Programming (hey, I'm watching late night TV at the moment)
Alec Baldwin

Posted by Jade at 04/22/07 03:02:33

Wouldn't Barbaro be Alec Baldwin, and this new horse be Stephen or Billy Baldwin instead?

Posted by Ron at 04/22/07 13:19:17

I know we talked about this one already but I'll go ahead and say it anyway

Laura Quinn V 2.0
Shannon Sharpe's Brother

Posted by Chris at 04/22/07 21:00:33

Hey, maybe Barbaro 2.0 turns out to be better than the original, then he can be Alec--unless they geld him, then he can be Kim Basinger. ;)

Posted by Jade at 04/23/07 00:13:25

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