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Cinderella Vs. The Evil Stepsister. Final Round.

Alright, screw all that crap you hear about Cinderella in the Men's Tourney being some mid-major school that you never hear of until they start picking off teams in your bracket like some crazed sniper with a high powered rifle. Tonight in Cleveland, about 15-20 minutes up the way from me, the NCAA Women's National Championship will have Cinderella in all her glory trying to get not just a glass slipper...but the platinum one that comes with a plaque that says 2007 National Champions. Cinderella Rutgers crashed this ball's final dance and along the way she did the following...

- Defeated Michigan State in East Lansing in the second round, in front of a rather nasty crowd. Unlike the men's game, the first two rounds aren't neutral site games. Draw the right straw and you can force your opponent to win two tough first-round games before going to the Sweet Sixteen.

- She sent #1 Duke packing and with it, their coach Gail Gostenkors [the female Coach K, only without the national titles] to Texas.

- She sent Arizona State home rather unceremoniously, shutting them down with a defensive stand that slowed the Lady Devils.

Oh and here's the cherry topper, no pun intended.

- They sent Bob Starkey back a few chairs on his bench by shutting down his, err, Pokey's Lady Tigers and their Female Shaq, Sylvia Fowles, in the Final Four on Sunday.

So bring on the gal they've been calling She-bron in Candace Parker. I've got to question someone who is dating a Dukie [Shelden Williams] and her brother whose professional life hasn't amounted to anything until she hit the scene [take a bow Anthony Parker, even though Toronto's playing playoff basketball in the Leastern Conference]. Bring on Darth Summitt and all 6 of her titles.

The Lady Knights are ready. Cinderella's packing her hard hat and lunch pail, because #7's not in the bag. It's not even on the checkout line. Wanna know the last championship the State University of Rutgers has seen?

Try a share of the 1949 Fencing title with Army. Who cares about FENCING? The football program is well on its way to owning the Big East.

Basketball? Comes down to just three letters as far as I'm concerned. C-V-S. C. Vivian Stringer.

Go Knights.
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I thought Courtney Paris was Female Shaq.

Posted by Ron at 04/03/07 21:33:52

Gee, I didn't know that Candace Parker has been getting all that attention because she's dating a Dukie and has a brother who plays in the NBA. I didn't know her brother's talent level (or lack thereof) had anything to do with her success, either. I thought it was because she's a damn good basketball player, which she proved tonight by scoring 17 points and pulling down 8 boards while being double- and triple-teamed by Rutgers, who apparently decided to show all their inexperience at the wrong time.

Cinderella will get another chance at the ball next year, sweetness. It just wasn't her night tonight.

By the way, you might want to take a serious look at that massive chip on your shoulder. Pat Summitt is one of the classiest women in sports, period. Candace Parker is a highly talented young woman who has proven herself to be a team player as well as a star player. Let's not forget Nikki Anosike, Alexis Hornblower, Shannon Bobbitt and the rest of the Lady Vols, who worked hard during the pre-season to get into better shape, to make themselves a better team, and were rewarded for their hard work with a championship. It may be Pat's #7, but it's their first--and goddamit, they earned it.

Posted by Jade at 04/04/07 00:58:46

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