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Morris fills Isiah's five-hole

People have joked that, since he was technically a free agent, someone should sign UK Wildcats center Randolph Morris. Well, as it turns out, that was no joke, because today Morris signed a two-year contract with the New York Knicks in what is probably the smartest move Isiah Thomas could've made for what's looking like a possible Knicks playoff run. Unfortunately, unless some serious recruits come in, he's also the first rat to desert a possible sinking ship.

Morris leaves the Wildcats after a 22-12 season where pretty much everyone on the team, except for Morris, spent most of the year underachieving. Kentucky's only All-SEC Player (first team, no less), Morris averaged 17 points and 7.8 rebounds a game and looked like a first-round NBA draft, even though he's been a free agent since he dumbassedly declared for the draft in 2005 and went undrafted. Supposedly, he's getting first-round money, too ($1.6 million bucks for two years and all the popcorn he can eat, per ESPN's Chad Ford).

So basically, the Knicks got a free draft pick and a quality player for basically nothing. It makes me wonder what took them so fucking long to sign him. He played great this year as a Wildcat, and he'll make a Bill Walker-level impact when he finally joins the Knicks. Hell, it's not like he could possibly make the team worse.
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So Morris got some money afte rall. Nice move by Zeke to sign him too. I think more of the cats will jump ship depending on who gets the Kentucky job.

Posted by field negro at 03/24/07 15:12:48

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