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The Crystal Ball on Week Three

We here at Sports Bastards aren't much on predicting. In fact, we get borderline mean. Fuck, we're brutal on a lot of things. But I'm going to be the voice of hope, for once. For you sports fans, if you can get ESPN. Turn it on next week. If you can't, sports bar it, or hell, spend time with friends and beer.

Why, you say?

Week Three, Monday Night Football. The 2-0 Atlanta Falcons vs. the 2-0 New Orleans Saints?!!

That's right. Two undefeated teams. The setting: The New Orleans Superdome. The Saints are undefeated and coming back home as such. The Falcons are undefeated, and they're wanting to spoil the homecoming. Name any time in football you have a match like this. Where New Orleans is now getting back to its collective feet after the most devastating hurricane in US history.

When they ask, "Are you ready for some football?!!" I can answer this, I think we all are. This is the biggest game on this half of the season right now. It might not matter later on, but for right now, it means everything to New Orleans. The Saints are marching in, undefeated and coming home. No matter who wins, New Orleans still wins. Why? Because that means the Saints are back home, and everything will come back eventually.

While you're watching this game, toast a beer to hope...
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Bigger than the Manning Bowl?

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