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Super Bowl XLI Predictions

Alright, folks. Tomorrow is the now overhyped and commercialized Super Bowl XLI aka Soul Bowl I aka Negro Bowl I aka The Jungle Bowl aka The Watermelon, Chicken and Grits Bowl aka The Chitlins Bowl. Yeah, bring on the jokes that not even Ron could think of without help from others. Before I get too long in this one, we'll go to the Vegas odds.

At the start of the season here's how it looked...

Indianapolis Colts 13/2
Chicago Bears 17/1

Tells you how much Vegas knows, doesn't it?

This Super Bowl, the Vegas Odds are leaning towards the Colts, believe it or not. They base it on the QB rating, the defense of the past few weeks, and even Vinateri's PAT/FG numbers. Seems that Sex Cannon is a bit too inconsistent for the Vegas crew.

I'm not going to predict immediately, not until tomorrow's column. However, leave your predictions in the comment field.
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Posted by Jaime Sue at 02/03/07 21:54:49

Gimme Da Bears. :)

Posted by Jade at 02/03/07 21:55:32

Colts 34-24

Posted by Spinler at 02/03/07 23:32:37

By the way, not to imply that Tony Dungy is not African-American, but why all the hype about there being two black coaches in the Super Bowl when he's the whitest black man I've ever seen?

Posted by Jade at 02/04/07 00:43:54

Well, I've picked for the Colts and they won. I've picked against the Colts and they won. If it rains, then I'm going with Da Bears.

Posted by Ron at 02/04/07 02:03:05

Jade, for that one, you'd have to go to ESPNis, Deadspin and other sites that have less tact than we do and ask them that. I personally believe that these two are the exception to the Rooney Rule.

They didn't need it to get a job, as we now know, they're excellent at their jobs.

Posted by Rich at 02/04/07 08:26:49

I love it when a coach or player have an opportunity to stick it to all the naysayers that doubted him all year.

So with that said, I'm going with Da Bears. Sexy Rexy and Lovie Long Time keep Peyton from winning "The Big One".
Marino cries, because for another year he'll have to deal with Boomer bashing him about Manning being Marino v2.0.

Posted by Len at 02/04/07 16:22:40

I never said Dungy DIDN'T deserve to be in the Super Bowl, sweetness. He's a great guy and a great coach, as is Lovie Smith. I just find it funny as hell when the media raves about them being "black" coaches when Dungy's skin tone is almost as pale as mine.

That said, I look forward to the day when a coach's skin color is the last thing that anyone bothers talking about.

Posted by Jade at 02/05/07 00:57:56

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