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Hey, is that Hideki Irabu?

After Boston paid out an insane $103 million dollars for Daisuke Matsuzaka, the Yankees paying out $46 million dollars for lefthander Kei Igawa seems shockingly reasonable. Granted, he is Japanese and has never pitched in the major leagues, but he’s also a left-handed starter, and that automatically makes him worth at least $46 million dollars. That’s just how these things work. Lefty > Righty.

What’s next, $126 million dollars for Barry Zito? Oh, wait.

One thing about the article linked that interests me about the Igawa signing is the fact that the Staten Island Advance continues to perpetuate the myth that the Yankees now have six starting pitchers. The real number is 4 ½ starting pitchers: Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, the shell of the former Randy Johnson, and Carl Pavano’s worm riddled carcass.

When approached by ace SportsBastards reporter Rich for a comment, George Steinbrenner was quoted as saying, "Just what I wanted for Christmas, a new slanty-eyed Nip! I think I'll name this one 'Fat Pussy Toad, Jr.' since the last one was so much fun."
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