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The Japanegro Leagues

Well, Boston got themselves a gyroballin' Japanese pitcher, and it only cost them $103 million dollars. $51 million dollars goes to the Seibu Lions, and $52 million dollars goes to Daisuke Matsuzaka, baseball's newest prospect, spread out over the course of a 6-year deal.

I understand to us Americans Daisuke's name is hard to pronounce unless you're an anime nerd or you've lived with Japanese people (I lived with Japanese people for 4 years in college, including a guy named Daisuke). But for the love of God, let's STOP calling him D-Mat right fucking now, okay? Call him Dice. Call him Suzi. Call him Kay. Call him The Donger for all I fucking care, but let's kill D-Mat in its tracks as soon as possible.

The last thing the world needs is another shitty unoriginal nickname for an overpaid baseball player. We get enough of that shit on SportsCenter thanks to Chris Berman, we don't need the rest of the sports world adding to that crapstival.

Click below for some footage of Dice's world-famous gyroball.

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Of course, you know I'm hoping this is one roll of the "Dice" that comes up snake eyes for the Sux. ;)

Posted by Jade at 12/14/06 00:50:59

Or watch it come up seven/eleven just to piss off the Evil Empire. Because Karma in the 21st century hates the Yankees.

Posted by Rich at 12/14/06 09:04:01

Feh, we'll get ours again soon enough--especially if this particular deal tips the bad karma back to the Sux again. :D

Posted by Jade at 12/14/06 15:23:21

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