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Will the real Jake Plummer please stand up?

That's right ladies and gentlemen -- the real Jake Plummer has entered the building. While Jake fooled Denver into keeping him for another year, by a good performance last year, so he could actually earn money on his contract. The real Jake the Snake has returned to QB for Denver.

Today, Jake Plummer threw three interceptions and he was sacked not once, but four times. Now just to provide you with some perspective -- Jake only threw seven interceptions the entire 2005 season. But in 2004 he threw for twenty interceptions. And not since 2000 has Denver turned over the ball as many times as it has today. What does this mean for Jake, for the Broncos and for football fans in general? It means that the old Jake Plummer has returned. If you have Jake Plummer in your fantasy football team, I'd dump him in a heart beat. Pick up someone better, someone that might actually earn you points. And if you bet on a future for Denver to win the super bowl -- well, I hope you can change your bet.

So, I'm now taking all bets. How long until Denver tires of the old Jake and benches him in favor of his replacement -- Cutler?
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Shanahan's patience will go to week 3, after that, all bets are off and we'll see the Vandy alumnus starting halfway through game three.

Posted by Rich at 09/10/06 17:24:45

I bet there's already a rush on Cutler in your fantasy football league.

Posted by Ron at 09/10/06 21:19:08

The Broncs drive me nuts sometimes. Why sell Plummer down the river when they could've traded for Whitner or Huff? How long do they expect Lynch to last?

Posted by Tim at 09/10/06 23:46:21

I think that's the whole reason we've seen a return to Old Jake. He's got the future behind him, a highly-touted and smart rookie, and he knows that if he fucks up too badly then he's done for as a starter. So he's pressing and not playing within himself.

He's gotta be nervous. I mean, I would be. Still, by week 8, Jay Cutler will have started at least one game.

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