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Top Ten Sports stories that we don't give a fuck about

These are ten stories that we're sick of hearing about. Find new things to talk about, Dan Patrick and the rest of you sports announcers. These stories are only good for blogs like this... so that I have something to rant about that I'm sick of hearing.

1.) LPGA to drug test - Wake me up when the PGA, or even the Senior Tour, start drug testing. That'll be interesting. I would love to see who is on drugs on those tours.

2.) Bobby Knight chin tapping the basketball player - Oh please. You know Bobby Knight, you know his history. A chin tap. Should he be touching players? No. Will it probably happen again? Yes. Shouldn't we be more focused on the fact he's on the verge of becoming the NCAAB's all time wins leader? Yes.

3.) Randy Moss not catching balls because he's "unhappy." Oh grow up Randy. Shut up, show up on time, and play hard no matter where you are or get your ass out of the game. End of story.

4.) Boston willing to waste $100 million on pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka - Does anyone care anymore? Maybe you die-hard Sox fans do, but does anyone else? Besides the fact that MLB pays it players way more than they're worth and they bring in income to the team?

5) Yes, Joe Paterno isn't going anywhere. Did anyone honestly think he'd be going anywhere just because he's almost 80 and he should be staying off his leg for a few weeks? I didn't. Let's move on.

See the bottom five behind the cut. 6) Should the Packers try and start signing Brett Favre now or wait until the chaos begins later in the season? Does anyone care? It doesn't really matter, because Brett has loyalty. And as long as the Packers want him, he'll stay. This isn't news.

7) Who will win Dancing with the Stars? Mario Lopez or Emmit Smith? Why is this on ESPN? Not everything that has to do with a former NFL great should be considered ESPN news or news at all. It's a popularity contest; it's dancing American Idol for celebs.

8) Various NBA players getting hit with lawsuits. Kobe, Randolph. It's not like basketball players as a whole are considered good, upstanding citizens who never do anything against the law or something that they couldn't be sued for damages with.

9) MLS teams now allowed to acquire one "Star Player" under a new rule named for David Beckham. This is why MLS teams suck, because they only allow for one star player. And does anyone care where Beckham will be playing next?

10) Anything else to do with baseball in the off season. Frankly, I grow bored enough watching baseball on TV, and I honestly don't get the chance to go to actual games often enough. I think that baseball players are the most overpaid professional athletes in the world, and all the talk about how much they're going to be getting paid next year makes me want to never see another baseball game ever again.
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Nice post. I don't give a fuck about any of these things either, plus like 1000 more things you didn't mention.

Posted by Ron at 11/16/06 00:33:51

You know it's a slow news day when the big news is any of the above, although I will take exception to the comment about baseball post-season news. Yes, some of it isn't exactly news (especially anything involving where Roger Clemens and his "mini-me" Andy Pettitte will be playing next year), and yes, the announced post-season awards are taking WAY too long to be announced, but this is what happens at the end of EVERY major sports season, especially football season. At least the baseball draft doesn't get hyped from January through to April--and still prove to be absolutely meaningless year after year.

Posted by Jade at 11/16/06 02:33:49

That's very true Jade. Then again, baseball had a 100 year head start in proving that its draft was meaningless. :)

Posted by Ron at 11/16/06 07:15:12

You mean baseball has a draft? I thought they just get the first unlucky fucker they could find and ship his ass off to some jackoff Single A team.

Posted by Rich at 11/16/06 09:44:53

Take offense to it all you want, baseball bores me incredibly during the season. And the off season chatter? Bores me even more. Yes, that is my bias. I love going to a baseball game, but for the atmosphere more than a love of the sport itself. So, off season chatter of how they're going to pay these way over-paid athletes even more and how the words salary cap mean nothing to teams that'll just pay a fine when they do go over it. It makes the entire sport look bad. And until they fix baseball, I'll continue to think that any news around it for the most part is just some annoying white noise.

Posted by Jaime Sue at 11/16/06 16:59:53

At least baseball has the sense NOT to hype its draft, though. Good Gawd, I'm ready to put my fist through my TV by the time the football and basketball drafts actually take place.

Then again, if there was as much money to be made from betting on baseball as there apparently is from betting on football, I get ESPN would be devoting four months out of the year to hyping that, too. :)

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