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This just in, kids.

The University of Louisville Fightin' Cardinals have proven everything our old ball coach Howard Schnellenberger said about the program's potential, and about the fans. Howard was a wise man; all we needed was a stadium. The fans and players would take care of the rest.

Next week, undefeated UofL squares off with undefeated Rutgers (wow, THAT is a weird sentence). See you bitches there! By the way...
Fuck you, Lee Corso! Fuck you hard, and fuck you deep.

Basketball school my ass.
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Both teams proved something yesterday, that the ACC got the wrong teams. WVU, Louisville and Rutgers have shown more heart and poise than scUM, BC, and VThugs.

Oh, and the Pac 10 fucks can go choke on a dick, too, for taunting the Big East guys. I wonder how they feel that Booty got killed by Beavers...

Posted by Rich at 11/03/06 07:09:26

Louisville looks like the best team in the entire state of Kentucky.

Posted by The Critic at 11/03/06 07:19:33

Louisville looks like the best team in the state of Florida, too.

Posted by Ron at 11/03/06 15:12:40

I'm still waiting to hear that you were actually AT that game, Ron--'cause you know you're getting smacked if you weren't. That was THE place to be Thursday night, especially when UL was up 17 points in the 4th quarter--and WVU not only came back from that big a deficit last year, they ended up winning in triple OT. Add in WVU's rep for scoring big in the 4th this year and it was a fucking nailbiter all the way--so you had better have been there, dammit. :p

Posted by Jade at 11/04/06 02:13:30

No, I was not at the game, Jade. I didn't have the spare $500 needed to get scalped tickets.

Posted by Ron at 11/04/06 11:12:59

*gives you a light smeksmeksmek anyway for not getting tickets ahead of time*

Ya big silly, I bet you could have gotten them way cheaper earlier in the season. After what happened with UL and WVU last year, I know I would have made damn sure I got a seat when they came to Papa John's.

Posted by Jade at 11/05/06 01:23:01

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