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This is the archive for March 2009

Why You Should Care About Wrestlemania XXV (Preview)

Alright, we've done the Japanese wrestler now we're going to do the Wrestlemania thing. In a little under 8 days, one week from tomorrow, the WWE will stage its biggest event of the year. Since 1984, Wrestlemania has been the be all, end all of wrestling events. That first one was headlined by Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. and Roddy Piper taking on Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. It has gotten bigger ever since and this year, will be no different. So what I will do is give you a rundown of the card, how we got to this point and why should you care about it. Fun? Fucking right it is. Starting with...

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The Count Presents...

100 Shining Wizards compliments of my favorite import from Japan (going as far back as my childhood)...

The Great Muta. Often imitated, NEVER duplicated.

It's time for Japanese Wrestlers You Might Not Know.

Blame Jade and Ron's posts, but it's a wrestling sorta time 'round here.

So, who's today's Wrestler...

Kensuke Sasaki.

Which Kensuke (pronounced KENS-kay) is a supremely decorated champion, who also has wife who's as ballsy as he is. Which I'll cover her later, of course.

And if you want to know about why you should know Kensuke... Thanks goes to beproxsoxbro's YouTube Channel.

Now, the video.

Randy Orton: Wrestler and Cult Leader

"Remember kids, you can't go to heaven riding on the Hale-Bopp comet unless you castrate yourself!"

Extreme facial close-ups and dressing like a frat boy aren't attractive, Randy-ody.

Rich was right when he called me about this. Randy's extreme close-up was really giving off a Heaven's Gate vibe. Not to mention his house full of random people and breakable furniture.

Going for a spin

My son linked me to this:

Now, if WWE had more stuff like that, I'd go back to watching it.