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This is the archive for March 2010

The Long Awaited Playoff Breakdown, Err Pre Playoff Anyway (2 of 2)

Alright, so mercifully this column which has taken forever and a day for me to get around to doing…may not be as difficult as I initially thought. On the East Coast, it appears that short of Boston remembering who in the hell they are and what they’re capable of…we’re heading for Orlando/Cleveland Round 2. Imagine that for a minute. LeBron against Superman and the Justice League. Oh, wait, my bad. LeBron, The Big Has Been and Har-Har Jamison versus Superman and the Justice League. (I don’t really care much for DC Comics, so that’s as far as I’ll take that analogy.) Of course out West, it looks to be a bit more interesting and ya know how I can tell this? Because usually, wherever TNT is, that’s where the interesting Conference Finals figures to take place. Last year’s East Final was very interesting, least if you weren’t a Cavalier fan. But I digress. Alright, breakdown time.
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How I Stopped Ranting And Learned To Love Dell Or...(NBA Mid-Season Rant 1/2)

Subtitled: Blame It On Dell & Their Shitty Software

Alright, true story. I was all set to type my Slam Dunk and LeBlock-ulous NBA column when the software in my Mom's computer caused a system meltdown. So for three weeks, I was out of commission and ya know, it's a great thing. It gave me the necessary time to sit back and analyze well, everything. From All-Star Weekend in Jerryland to the Trade Deadline to the Best Player On The Best Team Award compared to the actual MVP award itself, which Big Stevie Cool aka Steve Nash is a three time winner of. So in no real particular order at all, I'm just going to write on what hit me as it comes to me, because that's what I do. Well, that and piss off the masses with my writing which has to be the truth or well...
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