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This is the archive for May 2009

Favre The Viking?

Alright, I know we’ve been through this before. Favre can’t make up his mind whether he wants in or out. He has “retired” with the proficiency of a boxer, just ask Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is coming back in July. Apparently, just flat out saying you’re uninterested in your sport and want to go away until it gets interesting again, or want a bigger payday. Or in the case of Favre and this is what I think this really comes down to…

Payback. Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Brett Favre was sent packing (pardon the pun) by the franchise he helped revitalize in the mid 90s last season. Traded to the Jets for virtually nothing, so that Aaron Rodgers could get handed the keys to the car. Someone must have forgotten to run the little story by Ted Thompson on how this worked out for San Francisco in the early 90s. Sure, San Fran got one Super Bowl, but it took Jimmy Johnson retiring (George Seifert never beat Jimmy in the playoffs) for them to finally get by the Cowboys and get the “monkey” (who knew backups got those things?!) off Steve Young’s back. San Fran got rid of the man who made their franchise something in the 80s, fuck, he made them THE TEAM OF THE 80s…and haven’t been the same since. They haven’t seen an NFC Championship since 1994, haven’t advanced past the second round since that Super Bowl winning year either. Miami and Denver have had similar QB issues since their franchise QBs have retired, neither one having any legitimate success since Elway and Marino called it quits. Denver more dubiously, has seen its best QB since Elway hung it up pout his way to Chicago in return for Kyle Orton and a slew of rookies to be named later. But now, Green Bay finds itself faced with a most haunting image. Not just Favre coming back, but coming back…in Purple. Viking Purple at that. So to do as one Don King would, I’m gonna tell you why it SHOULD happen, why we should allow it to happen and why if you’re the Vikes, revolting would be greatly encouraged if at some point before training camp…Brett Favre jerseys aren’t available in Viking Purple.

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