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This is the archive for August 2008

Gene Upshaw 1945-2008

One of the most controversial members of the Hall of Fame died on Wednesday. The man more notorious for being the bastardly leader of the NFLPA than for his career died from pancreatic cancer that was found this previous Sunday. As we know, SB had no love for Upshaw's denial of benefits to some of the older players.

However, this will not berate him for his actions in his life. Instead, we shall offer sympathy for his family and to his friends who knew him.

Good or bad, Upshaw forced us to look closer at the NFLPA and to fight for or against things in the NFL. Nice fighting with you, Gene. We hope you're in a peaceful place.

Real Fantasy Football

Yes, yes, I fully realize that any ready outside of the USA considers what us yanks would call soccer the real football, however, I am American. And as an American, the only real type of Football is played with a good old pigskin.

Now that we have that clarified, once again the Sports Bastard's Fantasy Football league is open for people to join and compete in. It doesn't matter if you're a wiz (like Ron) or seem to have the worst luck in Fantasy Football (like Rich) there is room for anyone and everyone. There is a max of twenty spots that I would love to see all filled out. So, if you want to join follow these handy instructions :

Go to the main page for the fantasy football on yahoo sports ( ). (If you don't have a Yahoo! ID you'll have to sign up for one -- don't worry, this is all free!)
and enter the following info:
League ID#: 296937
Password: Farveistheman

Then you too can show off your football prowess.

And yes, this isn't the last you'll hear of me again. Despite my disappearance for some time I plan to start writing blogs again, talking lots of football smack about any team that isn't my Chargers, Ron just doesn't know it yet. I might even start throwing in a few things as the Chase for the Cup approaches in NASCAR. Fall is my favorite season for sports with College Football, NFL, Hockey and NASCAR. It's definitely a good time to be a sports fan. So, what are you waiting for? Come play some fantasy football with me and the others from Also, check out Anthony's post below and increase your fun by playing in that league too!