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Time to believe again.

So, last night this Sports Bastard went into a movie just hoping to God that the magic he saw from the Rocky Balboa series was still alive. Something that inspired us all when we were young kids to "Go for it!" I'm glad to say, Rocky is still that man who inspires that.

Let's run it down. Rocky's the ripe age of 61 now. Here's the sad part, Adrian isn't with him. She succumbed to cancer long before the movie began. Right now, Rocky's living in the past. He and his son aren't on great terms, because Jr. feels like he's in Dad's shadow all the time. Paulie's content to stay at the meat plant that he's been at for the past few years.

All Rocky's got now is a successful restaurant, his boxing buddy Spider Ricco, and his old house. Yet, he's running in the past as Paulie later tells him. All it takes is comments from the Worldwide Satan and a computer demonstrated match to get the wheels turning. Of course, with douchery from Skip Bayless to season, The Rocky Anger Stew gets him back into the ring.

So, without spoiling it all. The story does go full circle. He's back to his old training, although with Duke instead of Mickey. Need you ask why, go watch Rocky III. If you haven't seen a Rocky movie, get the box set with all five movies. It's about 27.00 US at the lowest or 50.00 US or so for the highest. Get you a week of vacation, and then get ready to hit the gym after that.

Anyways, great fighting, great story, and great emotion from the whole deal. If you don't find yourself cheering Rocky's name or comparing Rocky opponents on the car ride home, like I did with my lady friend, Mary Beth, you're probably not breathing. I ended up comparing Creed to the current opponent. Trust me, it gets interesting around Clubber Lang time...

There's a reason this is on the list of "Movie Series You Have to See Before You Die." Go out, spend 6 dollars. It's worth it.

Rocky Balboa - Two thumbs up and a Bengal hellraising cheer from Rich