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Separating "Game" From The Truth (Super Bowl Edition)

Before Americana gets immersed in minute long commercials and four hour long pregame shows, I felt the need to write something Super Bowl related. Not on the game mind you, but just some things that I feel the need to expound on before we crown a successor to the throne that the Steelers left vacated back in December. What with all the "hell" they unleashed, that turned out to be foreshadowing laying down for the Browns in Cleveland. To quote The Notorious B.I.G. to a point, gotta separate "The Game" from The Truth...
"The Game" (no, not Triple H) would lead you to believe that the Bucs, Bears and Ravens are three of the most formidable defenses in the history of the Super Bowl. That's...lame.

The Truth would have you realize that the Patriots in 1985 and Giants (who did a damn great impersonation of New England some 15 years later) had virtually no offense whatsoever. (Note, even I'm amazed that the Giants got 41 against the Vikings in that 2000 NFC Championship.) As for the Bucs, they were the Bears without the Super Bowl Shuffle. Well, that and they lucked up getting the team which their present coach used to coach. I'm not sure if we'll EVER see that again.

"The Game" would have you to believe that Kurt Warner is a great QB in the history of the Super Bowl, what with his prolific numbers in the big game and all.

The Truth would show that Kurt Warner while amassing some of the biggest statistical games in Super Bowl history...only has ONE RING. Shamefully, he should have three. Realistically though, he has one. (Note, it saddens me that Kurt only has one. He should have at LEAST two. So in the realm of the One Hit Wonders, Kurt's #1 with a bullet. Check that. He's 1B. Peyton's 1A and Eli's #2.)

"The Game" would have you believe that Tom Brady was the QB of the Decade.

The Truth would have you believe that well, "Big Ben" (not the relic in Detroit) is. Big Ben competed in two Super Bowls and well, he won two.

"The Game" would have you to believe that Steve Young is some great QB in the annals of history. The man who "got the gorilla off his back".

The Truth shows he's nothing more than a man that was handed the keys to Daddy's car, took it around the block once successfully and kept crashing it thereafter.

"The Game" would have you think that the game on Sunday is going to be one for the ages, with offenses lighting up the South Beach night.

The Truth would show you that the Colts defense is better than the Saints, which is too turnover reliant keep pace with the Colts. Even if Freeney's not playing or playing at 3/4 strength.

"The Game" would have you believe we're going to be in for a classic Super Bowl encounter, just because the last two have been.

The Truth will show you that if anything, that wisdom is flawed. If anything, we're due for a real bomb. A flat out abominable beatdown and as I stated in my Super Bowl column, I think ths could get San Fran/Denver repugnant. I remember watching that Super Bowl as a kid and thinking "wow, what did Denver say to warrant such an ass whoopin?".

In wrestling, this would be Good Guy vs. Good Guy. Or to really put a stamp on it, you'd have a remake of Wrestlemania VI. The Irresistable Force (NO) versus The Immovable Object (Indy). New Orleans would be The Ultimate Warrior, Indianapolis would obviously be Hulk Hogan given their prior championship pedigree.
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Looks like your "Truth" was a lie. "The Game" wins again. :p

Posted by Jade at 02/08/10 03:47:42

Me thinks I subconciously picked that WM VI analogy as an omen of sorts. :P

Posted by Len at 02/08/10 10:18:42

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