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Lenstradamus Predicts The Playoffs And A Personal Super Bowl (2 of 2)

Okay, it's time for the rubber to meet the road. Time for the money to talk and all BS to run the marathon. Wild Card Weekend starts late Saturday afternoon with the Jets and Bengals in a weekend I'm subtitling...

Regular Season Redux

As every Wild Card game is a rematch from the regular season. Since yours truly is a full service blogger, I will give you the prediction on this weekend and what we'll end up seeing in Miami next month after the Pro Bowl. Wow, the last part of that sentence reads funny with the "after the Pro Bowl" part and all. Rather interesting that there were more Browns picked for the AFC than Bengals. But I digress on that, as it's time.
Week 17 Result: Jets bomb Bengals into oblivion.
Playoff Result: ???
- Last night with presumably "nothing to play for", Cincy emailed it in against a Jets team that was determined to make a statement. Determined to reward its fans who have endured the cold and all that, a great memory to close Giants Stadium on before moving next door next season. The Jets did it in spades, blanking the Bengals 37-0 and holding them to 72 yards of total offense.

Ahem. Allow me to restate that. The Jets held the Bengals to 72 yards of total offense. As in rushing the football and throwing it. Never mind the crap that Ryan O'Sullivan was in and they played their starters for the length of time it takes you to microwave popcorn. Never mind this preconceived notion that 2nd stringers can't play to save their lives and that the Jets were supposed to do this. Bullshit. They're all professionals, from the starters down to the 'In Case A Sign Of The Apocalypse Is Broken, You're In' third stringers. They're paid to play, are they not? History has shown that the team which has won the Week 17 battle, have won the playoff rematch more often than not.

The Bengals have not had much playoff success lately, their last appearance was cut short by the Steelers in a game where Carson had his knee crushed by a Steeler defensive lineman. This time, they face a much daunting defense that may be as scary as the numbers say they've been. Rex Ryan is the first coach in NFL history to have his defense No.1 in total defense and points allowed. Pardon me, first ROOKIE HEAD COACH. So tell me again how Favre is to blame for this team imploding, when with a rookie QB and without their best run stopper on the line, they're playoff bound while Mangini's not even guaranteed to see Year 2 in Cleveland? Tell me again how Favre's to blame for the Jets' implosion last season when he's playoff bound with the Vikes and had the best year of his storied career, while possibly closing in on his 3rd MVP trophy.

Ahem. Had to get that out of my system. Anyway, back to this matchup. The way it breaks down in all honesty is this...

A) Will Mark San-chise please stand up? If Mark can treat this as just another game and not let the pressure of playoff football get to him, play within himself and not make any crucial mistakes, Jets win. You've been called The Sanchise and here's where you prove it young man. You've got the weapons around you and you won't have to do it on your own.
B) Did Marvin Lewis fuck up by NOT playing this to the hilt? Valid question, one that Jim Caldwell might be a week away from asking should the Jets get past the Bengals. I can understand the valid concern in getting a player hurt during the finale, but with the knowledge that you're giving a possible playoff opponent confidence it doesn't need facing you again in six days...

Why be bothered with it or them? Snuff em' out in short order and be done with it.
C) Which D is legit? Ironic thing of note here is that Rex Ryan and Marvin Lewis are from the Baltimore coaching staff, where the D is well Da D. Both men have done an exceptional job with their defenses this year, Rex statistically moreso than Marvin and with Odom done for the year, the Bengals might be in trouble if they can't get pressure on Mark. Or for that matter, shut down this Jets rushing attack.

All that said and factoring in a few other things, my personal bias aside...I'm going with the Jets.

If for no other reason, refer to Point B for why I'm making this pick. Point B and the fact that I fully believe in the Jets' D. People will make the claim that the Jets "backed in" to the postseason and I call bullshit on that. They hung around against the Colts before Caldwell pulled everyone and then threw it into high gear, pulling out a 29-15 win. The Jets appear to be the hungrier team in this and with all that's befallen Cincy this year, sometimes the drive to the postseason wears on you. Throw in season ending injuries and the unexpected death of Chris Henry, as well as Zimmer's wife...perhaps it's too much. They did themselves no favors giving the game away, knowing that in doing so they'd be hosting this team on Saturday.

Jets win.

Week 4 Result: Pats by 7.
Playoff Result: ???
- The Patriots are the "New Age 49ers" to me. By this I mean, they've got their legendary head coach (Belichick), great playoff tested QB (Brady) and they continue winning when all presume they're dead and gone. Thing of it is though, since their last Super Bowl appearance, the chinks in their armor are becoming more and more glaring. The D isn't as dominant as it used to be and even Belichick without stating as much thinks so. (Refer to 4th & 2 versus Indy) Their kicking game isn't anywhere near where it was during their 3 Super Bowl Championships (Refer to Life Without Vinatieri). Now, they have to deal with a playoff run without Wes Welker who has been their leading receiver all year and all around Money Man on offense.

A) Can Moss get his MoJo back? If he doesn't, the Pats might be done.
B) Can the Pats get back on track? This year moreso than any other, I almost felt like the Pats won this division moreso by default than because it was hands down, the cream of the crop. I knew the Dolphins would fade and the Jets weren't quite ready to take that next step. On both accounts, I was right, but the Pats just this year.
C) Is arrogance really doing this team in right before our eyes? It's a valid question, one I'm asking before anyone on the Four Letter Network or Fox can even mention it in passing. My Dad always told me 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. The Pats weren't broke and yet, after their third title, they just kept "fixing" shit. They let Vinatieri go and haven't given Gostkowski enough chances to prove he's a worthy successor to Adam. They let Deion Branch go and now...maybe moreso than any other year, his absence might be felt in a big way if what Chris Gamble said two weeks ago is proven right.

Then, not even a week before the season begins, Richard Seymour gets dealt for a future first rounder that might not be as high as previously thought...provided Oakland continues to take steps towards improvement as they did this season. Their D has taken a huge hit as a result of this loss, their defensive line hasn't been as imposing as it has been in years past. Yet in spite of all this, they keep winning for much the same reason the Niners did in the mid to late 90s in a very similar spot. The division's not tough enough to make them pay for it. Conversely for the Ravens...

They're back in the playoffs for the second straight year with Flacco at the helm, although this year they had to seriously work for it. Da D is starting to get a little longer in the tooth and the age of this unit, which has been a force for most of the Double 0's is now looking like that heavyweight in its last days. You know it's coming and they know it's near, but they're looking for one last shot at that brass ring. For the Ravens, they've got a very good shot against the Patriots because its running game can keep Brady and company off the field. This year moreso than any other, their D NEEDS the rest. The thing of it is, Brady is still Brady. As long as he can make plays, he will. But can he count on Moss to be there in the absence of Welker? That question probably will hold NE's fate in doubt.

That said, I'm going with the Pats. Somehow, they'll pull this out at home.

Alright, onto the NFC. Two Week 17 rematches, one was more or less a throwaway for the team that lost...the other was thrown away in a loss that meant everything.

Green Bay/Arizona
Week 17: Green Bay going away.
Playoff Result: ???
- Unlike Cincy/NYJ, the Cards knew there was very little that would come from going all out in this game. The Cards aka The New Show On Turf are your reigning NFC Champions and are set on proving they lost last year's Super Bowl moreso than Pittsburgh won it. But Len, you said there was a downside to giving away a game like Cincy did. How is it different for Arizona?

Because as I just stated, Arizona knew Green Bay was coming back in six days and knew they've got more up their sleeve than what Green Bay saw yesterday. Nothing Arizona could've done would have changed the end result which was seeing Green Bay again. Fact is, while Cincy tries to flip a switch uncertain of what can or will happen...Arizona flips it with much certainty. They do so off the experience of last year, in which they ran through Atlanta, Carolina and Philly en route to the Super Bowl. For Green Bay, a team most picked for the Super Bowl (and I'm still waiting on someone to explain how)...their year was one highlighted by two Favre victories and 11 wins. You can make the argument that had Favre not opted for a comeback, Green Bay would be your North Division Champions.

Still, offensively, they don't match up very well against the New Show On Turf. That's just plain fact, they don't. While Arizona didn't end up with three receivers going over 1,000 yards receiving, it has the one thing it didn't have last season. A running game it can rely on to chew up yards and clock. Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower are what they did not have last postseason and is one of the biggest reasons I'm predicting Arizona to win this one. Their D is better than people think and I'm not totally convinced that Green Bay will be able to force Kurt Warner to throw the type of balls that Charles Woodson has been gobbling up like Pac-Man all season.

Arizona advances.

Dallas/Philly III
Round 1: Dallas 20-16 @ Philly
Round 2: Dallas 24-0 In "The House That Jerry's Billions Built"
Round 3: ???
- Much Ado About Nothing would best describe my sentiment towards Philly and its "offensive firepower". I still look at them and see no real receiving threat that Donovan can call on if it gets too hot. (Sorry DeSean, you're just a #2 in the #1 spot with exceptional speed.) They're still a team that can't run it the way Dallas can and their D doesn't have the necessary tools to slow down the Cowboys offensive attack. Now given my utter disdain for both of these teams, I hate having to write this objectively. I really do. But as a journalist, it's my job to do that which your sportcasters do not. (And so I shall.)

Dallas put to rest its whole "we can't win once the calendar hits December" smiel, by winning its last three games to seize the division away from Philly. Tony Romo has looked flat out great in the month of December and with a home game against the team it SWEPT during the regular season, fresh off a SHUTOUT just 24 hours can you go against the Cowboys? That said however, I do say this.

A Dallas loss and Wade's gone. Seriously. Jerry's got a new stadium and a team that's going to bring many a dollar to it. What he will not stand for is the continued failures in the postseason which have beset this franchise since its last Super Bowl in the 1995-96 season which came with Jimmy's people under Switzer's watch. (The irony there is just off the page, with a former OU coach winning with a team that a U of M coach put together.) Their last playoff win came when I was still in high school some 13 to 14 years ago. The stars couldn't have been more aligned right for Dallas than this. A home game against a team you swept in the regular season and just shut out some six days ago. Nothing short of a win saves Wade's job here, even if they get crushed next week in the Divisional round which is a distinct possibility. Conversely for Philly...

The Vick Experiment got you the same as it did before Vick came along. Double digit wins, a playoff appearance. The Wildcat was a much ballyhooed thing by the media, but for a team that hasn't seen a 1,000 yard rusher since the 2007 season...pardon the rest of the league if they're not fretting over a Madden player's wet dream. (Vick and McNabb on the same team.) I'm not really sure if there's a case I can make that's conducive to a Philly victory Saturday night. They aren't better than Dallas in anyway. Remember when I said there would come a point in time when they'd regret losing Brian Dawkins? This is it. With him roaming in the backfield, I don't think Romo would be as apt to throwing deep as I'm sure he will this Saturday. I still think Reid's too pass happy to beat a team like Dallas and that D isn't as strong as it was in years past.

Dallas wins, or else we'll be wishing Wade well in his future endeavors at this time next Monday.

So all that done, let's lay out the rest of the field shall we? In the AFC, I think San Diego's easily the team to beat moreso than Indy. Rivers is 2-0 when it counts against Peyton, yet he may have some issues if Brady's the guy he's staring across at next weekend. Funny how that works, right? Conversely, the Jets have playoff victories over the Colts and Chargers...but none against the Pats. The Colts have beaten Brady & The Pats, but have yet to beat either the Bolts or Jets in the postseason. Well, the last time they beat the Bolts came in 1995 when Ted Marchibroda was coach and Jim Harbaugh was the QB. So...who do I like in the AFC? Initially I said New England, but without Welker, someone's got to step up and even if they do...there's too much that has me leery of the Pats' chances to win the AFC. So here's my 'Len's really out of his mind' pick...


In the NFC, there truly is no place like Dome. It's conceivable that the NFC playoffs may not see the light of day, literally. The Saints and Vikes have homefield, Arizona and Dallas play with retractable roofs on their stadiums. Get it? Anyway, Dallas and Minnesota would have the two meeting for the first time in 11 years, when Minnesota beat Dallas 27-10. While there's no Moss to terrorize them this time around, there's a Favre who was consistently plauged by the Cowboys during his earlier years with Green Bay. Dallas as potent as they are, doesn't have enough to hang with the Vikes. Which leads us to a 'Abacus Might Be Needed Cause The Scoreboard's Out' game between New Orleans and Arizona. The way the Saints closed out the season should be a definite cause of concern for all Saints fan. Conversely if you're a Cards fan, you're rather calm because you've seen this before. Ho-hum finish, followed by a great run when it counts. The Saints may have Drew Brees, but the Cards trump that with Kurt Warner and a much more reliable offensive assault compared to NO's. So yeah, upon further review and as much as my heart wants to go with Arizona to get what they blew a year ago...I'm going with Minnesota to win the NFC.

I don't need much to sum up a possible Vikes/Jets Super Bowl. For one franchise, years of misery and Super Bowl drought would come to an end. There's a good part of me that wants to see Favre get it done just to ram it up the asses of every assinine Jet fan and player that pinned last year's implosion on his shoulders. But then again, if the Jets get to this point, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to stop this team with a defense that's this stingy. Thing with the Jets is that their makeup is consistent with teams that generally make it big during this time of the year, moreso than those with great offenses and defenses that just BARELY get by. Think 2000 Ravens and 2002-03 Bucs, bonecrushing D's that got by with okay offenses. Defense wins championships and these two teams have the best D's in my book. That said...I'll come back to this at a later date. I can't think right now. :P
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