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An Open Letter To Omar Minaya

Before I begin with my letter to Omar, I start with a quote from one of our esteemed bloggers. This is about a year old, but is the perfect pretext for what I'm about to write.

Len, if you and the "rest of the world" do not care about these successful franchises, why the fuck are you always POSTING about them, for Christ's sake?


Face facts, you keep trying to dance on the Yankees' grave every year, and every year, they make you look damn stupid again. Maybe you'll get lucky next year, but considering your track record with every single team you try to declare "over", it's probably not going to happen.

Now as I have said more than enough times on here, why don't you stop "not caring" about the Yankees and focus on YOUR OWN team once in a while?
- Jade, 10/17/07

Okay, it should be noted that the Yanks for the first time in many a Fall, did NOT play baseball past October 3rd. Joe Torre managed the Dodgers (with Man-Ram on the roster no less) to a division crown and a playoff exit to the Ph-ucking Phils. Now Omar, I'm one of the few folks from the East Coast to be a baseball fan and NOT wear a Yankee cap or be a "Yankee fan". I love the Mets, I really do. I've sat through their repugnant years (Bobby Bonilla ring any bells?) and rode with them proud during uh...their 2000 NLCS run which ended with a Subway Slaughter to the Yanks. Then, I sat back and watched as Mike Hampton milked the Rocks into a ridiculous contract and then watched them struggle mightily until Willie came. Over the past four years, I've sat through...

- 1 postseason collapse at home in Game 7 of the NLCS
- 2 late season collapses at damn near the exact same time costing the Mets a playoff bid and this year, possibly a World Series trophy.

So here we sit, Met fans having to watch the Philadelphia Phillies celebrate their first World Series ring since I was about two months and change old (yes, it has been THAT PHUCKING LONG since they've won one and yeah it gives you a hint as to how old I am). Let that resonate with you Omar, a second straight collapse by the Mets all but handed the Phillies their World Series. Jimmy Rollins now looks like a prophet calling the Phils the best team in the East and well, just about every publication I've seen since last month's finale has them repeating. This is utterly unacceptable, O and it MUST STOP. So that said, I've done some thinking and here's what I think it will take to ensure there's no third straight collapse.

1) Bullpen help. Every great team has a one-two punch out of the bullpen that slams doors shut in September and October. The Yanks of the 90s had Rivera and Wetteland. Then it became Other People and Rivera (take your pick with the 'Other People'). The Angels had Shields and K-Rod. Hmm, K-Rod's a free agent isn't he? I say ya get him, make him the closer and bump Wags up to set up in the 8th and if absolutely necessary, 7th. The Mets over the past two, three years have been hammered by this, in spite of having an offense that's great enough to put up numbers. Without a bullpen, it's quintessentially like trying to win a Super Bowl or National Title by throwing the football without a solid or remotely decent running game. (Yes Texas Tech fans, I'm saying ya won't see a national title in Lubbock unless either the SEC Champion Gators or someone else comes through with the trophy.) Apparently K-Rod's close to signing, which makes me very happy. Make Wags the setup guy and boom. We're great to go.
2) A really, REALLY big bat. Okay, I'm not talking about someone to make an opposing pitcher piss his pants at the 4 spot. I'm talking about someone who when runners are on and the game's on the line, can come up and make that key hit since there doesn't appear to be too many of those on the roster at present. Since it's gonna pop up, I'll say it here first.

I want Manny. Maybe Manny's got issues and maybe he's his own worst enemy. The fact is and remains, above all else, Manny's got a ring that nobody else on the Mets have seen and in the clutch, he gets it done. You can make the case that if the Dodgers didn't pilfer him from Boston, the Baby Backs would have won the West. Still, I've always been a Manny fan and seeing him in a Mets uniform next season at the middle of the order would be great.
3) There's Johan and then??? I believe in every playoff series, you need a good 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation which makes ya think "man, we'd best put them away early because if it gets to a Game 6 or 7, we're going home". Perez is a good #3, Maine was someone I thought would be a good #2, but he's a #4 or 5 starter at best. Hell, even Mike 'Bats In The' Pelfrey emerged as a viable starter, but he's not someone I'm utterly confident can shut a team down with the year on the line in October. Give me someone like Derek Lowe or one of my longtime favorites...Randy Johnson. Okay, so his Bronx stint wasn't exactly great. Whose has been lately for the Yanks on the hill outside of The Moose? Bring him to Queens and put him behind Johan as the #2 guy. Get em' to October and watch what it becomes. :) With a solid bullpen and the offense staying hot, the Mets win its first title since the Amazins in 1986.

There were a few positive steps taken last year, such as firing Little Willie and uh...well, firing him was great. Unfortunately, the Mets still ran into the same roadblock it had a year ago. Bottom line Omar, Met fans are getting antsy and we're sick of being the red-headed stepkid in NYC to the Yanks. While the reality is that until the Mets start pinning up W.S. banners like Willie Mays Hayes did gloves in his room in Major League (best damn baseball movie I've seen personally, I didn't mind the sequel but that's where it should have ENDED)...that shall remain the pecking order. The fact is, the Mets have the talent to get this thing rolling towards their first title in 23 years. It's on you to get the Mets what they need to get past their mental block (which seems to pop up around the middle of September) and going forward towards their first title in 23 years. Get er' done!


Len Jersey
- Met Fan Proposing Solutions To September Problems
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