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Rocket Attack On The Pitch

Rocket Man

Conor Hagen, a 26-year-old player for IFA Premiership team Linfield in Ireland, was the unfortunate target of a rocket attack just moments after his side lost the County Antrim Shield to hated cross-town and cross-religion rivals Cliftonville.

The Daily Mail has the rest of the insane pictures.

It's really staggering that, after the hundreds of years of religious warfare in Ireland, fans can still get into stadiums with fireworks. Given how American fans get patted down, metal-detected, and cavity-searched these days, you'd think that the Irish would get even more intense security screenings. Apparently they can't be that good, as someone managed to sneak in and blast a player with a bottle rocket.
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Good gawd, I hope the poor fellow's alright. Amazing how stupid people get all in the name of sport. :(

Posted by Jade at 11/06/08 01:20:54

Ouch! I swear some people get way to into the games and manage to sneak things like that into games. They just cause more of a mess then they are worth.

Posted by at 11/06/08 02:43:18

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