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Episode 4

Episode 4 with new Stat Girl, Kris.

Edit: Kris's dream date...

Jay the Joke

See as she has to suffer with Rich and Ron on her first episode.

Edit from Rich:

Comments, unborked. SQL is working, people. Carry on.
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*Slams head into desk* What did I get myself into? Hopefully me in the background there isn't to distracting :/ If you really wanna comment just to email is with my comment.

Posted by at 10/15/08 23:55:45

Oh yeah, I got comments:

1. New Rule: No dumping Mitch Mustain on my Pats, Ron; that'll earn you a good beatdown with the barbed-wire bat.

2. Sorry, Rich, but I absolutely loved every minute of "Jerry's Kids" getting beat, although Arizona's performance was more like a death-by-rusty-butter-knife than a real kill. Hell, it was worth it alone just to see TO so pissed off on the sidelines.

3. W00t to the SKIPB references!

4. Donovan's winning because he's off the soup, Rich--unlike LT, Matt Hasselbeck and whoever else still does their ads. Ph33r da Soup!

5. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH on the SBCurse, dammit. I want to see a Tampa-Philly WS right now.

6. Hey, you know Lance has got the perfect excuse now if he ever gets caught doping--he can say it was an accidental Olson ingesting. ;)

7. I blame ESPN for the demise of the talent of Rick Reilly. They kill everybody.

8. NO ONE likes Jay Mariotti--and where the hell is this picture of which you speak? I want to see that.

9. Note to Kris: Don't feel bad, you did your best. You cannot control Rich and Ron--hell, you can't even hope to contain them. God knows we've all tried. ;)

10. New Rule: Trying to convince Manny Ramirez to go to the Yankees will get you dead, Rich. You see a white Alero coming your way when you're crossing the street, just lie down and hope I get it right the first time. :p

Posted by Jade at 10/16/08 04:54:35

Okay..which of you two boys put that picture up with THAT comment?!

Posted by at 10/16/08 18:24:32

Heehee, that pic is so very 80s. :D

Posted by Jade at 10/17/08 00:16:58

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