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Let's go to the replay

Leave it to A-Rod to be involved in the first use of instant replay in MLB history; a home-run-or-foul-ball case against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. The resulting HR call gave the Yankees 2 more runs, and a little extra padding in their 8-3 win. (God knows we've needed all the padding we can get these days.)

Time needed for review and call: 2:15

Time most likely saved when you consider manager/umpire arguments, player/umpire arguments, umpire conference resulting in possibly another round of manager/umpire arguments: 5:00+.

Considering the myriad of catwalks, lighting, flotsam and jetsam that constitute the roof of The Trop, I'm thinking this certainly won't be the last time it ever happens there. In fact, I'm guessing it'll probably become a nightly event--or even a between-innings audience participation event:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the "Guess Which Inning the Instant Replay Happens" contest is...Mrs. Irving Squat of Boynton Beach!"

Maybe that'll put some asses in the seats.
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