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27 years and still going strong

We interrupt the fantasy football invitations (and you all really should get off your lazy asses and sign up for at least one, if not both of them) to break out the noisemakers, pass around the cake, and raise a glass of frosty beverage of choice to SB's own Ron, who turns 27 today.


May your day be filled with all kinds of good stuff and no elliptical machines in sight. :D
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Awww, thanks! Unfortunately, there was an elliptical machine in sight, and I did get on it and run in place for awhile, but only to make up for all the birthday pigging out I did on the day before my birthday!

Posted by Ron at 08/09/08 17:22:08

Happy Birthday, Mr H! Hopefully, you'll get that bear-proof suit you've always wanted.

Posted by Anthony at 08/11/08 06:19:33

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