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Best Wishes, Billy Packer. You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay On CBS

billy packer sucks

I hate to be that guy, but I absolutely cannot stand Billy Packer so I won't be terribly sad to see him not cluttering up my screen during March Madness. With his ACC suck-off tendencies, his dismissal of legitimate mid-major teams like George Mason, and his blatant old-fartism, his knowledge of the game was second only to his ability to piss me off and take the fun out of sports. That said, it is going to be weird watching CBS hoops without Billly Packer.

It'll be like watching an ESPN game and not having Dick Vitale screaming at me. Interesting how Billy and Dick are two of the most polarizing figures in basketball broadcasting today. One, because he plainly loves the game just a little too much to be completely sane, and the other because he used to love the game, but now seems to take extreme joy in being a stick in the mud with no sense of fun.

Now we're all safe to go back to talking about that other Packer who can't stop unretiring.

Nice image grab courtesy of Rush the Court.
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Eight dollars for a Hot Dog and Coke though?

That's why Pepsi is and forever shall be greater than Coke. :)

As far as Packer goes, I'm meh on it. Glad Clark's got the promotion, he's getting to work with one of the best voices in sports in Nantz.

Posted by Len at 07/15/08 01:31:01

Dude, $8 for a hog dog and a Coke is cheap, all things considered. It's got nothing to do with the flavor of the beverage, all drinks cost way too much anytime you go out.

Posted by Ron at 07/15/08 03:12:25

Been a while since I attended a sporting event, I'm out of the loop considerably. :P (Unless you count a Raw house show I went to last year, but eh. I didn't buy any concessions save for my thrifty King of Kings t-shirt.)

Posted by Len at 07/16/08 14:21:37

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