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George Carlin - Baseball and Football

Rest in peace, George. Let us know how that worshipping the sun thing turned out. May Joe Pesci hold you unto his bosom while you ascend to heaven, my good man. You were... no, are brilliant. A real member of the Pantheon of Badassery.
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Classic--I love how his voice changes between the two sports.

R.I.P., George--we will so miss you here.

Posted by Jade at 06/24/08 11:57:40

I really hate this. Too many of my favorite artists or in this case comics, are meeting their demise way too soon while other crappier ones are allowed to live on.

I liked that Carlin was raised Catholic as I was, which probably goes to explain a LOT about his angst about the questioning of religion (damn Catholicism is way too regimental).

Posted by Len at 06/24/08 13:59:06

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