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The Pantheon: The World's Luckiest Giants Fan

Normally, the Pantheon of Badassery is reserved for guys who overcome insanely difficult odds, painful injuries, or near-crippling injuries to succeed in sports, but this guy's story was just so awesome I had to share it with the class.

In today's day and age, anyone with balls huge enough to get through dozens of security checkpoints to hang out with a team full of gigantic men who could easily kill him and people rich enough to hide all evidence of his existence. This guy not only got into the locker room, he got onto the team bus with the Mara family, onto the field for the celebration with the Lombardi Trophy, back into the locker room after the celebration, and best of all, he didn't get his head bashed in by angry security guards! The sheer fact that he got away with it and kept getting away with it is nothing short of pure, unadulterated Badass.

Check out his whole story at Deadspin, and if you need more proof, go to his Snapfish picture gallery. This guy is apparently the son of James Bond and Catwoman thanks to his ability to sneak around under the nose of extra-tight New York City security.
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That is a seriously awesome story. The secret is simple; he acted like he belonged there and he never did anything to call attention to himself. Too many guys would have blown it the minute they got anywhere near the players by getting too excited or trying to get as many autographs and whatnot as they could. This guy played it super-cool and it paid off for him in the long run.

Posted by Jade at 02/08/08 00:05:11

Great stuff. It reminds me of a guy called Karl Power, who famously got in a Man United team photo before a Champions League game. He also came on to bat for the England cricket team.

Posted by Anthony at 02/08/08 05:19:05

Also reminds me of a guy called Ali Dia, a 30-year-old amateur footballer, who had his agent call Graeme Souness at Southampton, pretending to be former world footballer of the year, George Weah. He claimed that Dia was his cousin and that by all accounts, he was very skilled. He signed for Southampton, played half a match and was released by the club two weeks later.

Another wikipedia link for you:

Posted by Anthony at 02/08/08 05:37:10

Wow, Karl Power is pretty impressive in his antics, too. But getting onto the pitch is one thing, playing in a game is quite another. Ali Dia's story is NUTS!

Posted by Ron at 02/08/08 19:53:56

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