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Good things come in sixes

So, the Sports Bastards Official Fantasy Football League has been closed to new members joining as we start on Tuesday with our draft. (If you're really desperate to join, you have to find a friend to join with you because we like keeping the league at even numbers).

So, in that fun, here's a few tips and pointers for our players in the League.

1) Don't be silly, draft a RB first and then draft a RB second. Running backs probably will earn you most of your points in the league and can be the difference between you going home a champ or going home a chump.

2) Don't be the first guy to draft a kicker… as much as it'd be awesome to have Kaeding or Vinatieri in your line-up.. they earn you very little points in the grand scheme of things and you can't usually count on them to earn you a few more points and make your team the winning team.

3) Be careful when drafting Rookies – a lot of Rookies will not get to start or be first on the depth chart. This is especially true when it comes to QBs and WRs. Why this isn't always 100% true as it depends on the team – it's the majority of the time rule. So, this is your warning.

4) Do the pre-rankings. A lot of fantasy sites offer their already set fantasy rankings, but if you have time do your own and be sure to check out any news on that player (make sure you aren't doing something stupid and drafting a guy who got injured in the first pre-season game and who won't play at all this season.

5) Get back-up players for all your players or you'll be screwed come a bye week. Also, if you only get one-back up.. make sure his teams' bye week isn't the same as your starter (duh). This is also good if one of your guys gets injured. Especially important on RBs and WRs. (Kickers and defense you really can pick up any time.)

6) Talk some smack. Fantasy football is for fun and for winning bragging rights most of the time. So talk some smack about your fellow opponents – it's all in the name of the game.
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Prepare to be pwned this year Jaime. :-)

Posted by Tydi at 08/17/07 19:41:38

Yes, there will be much pwning of Jaime's face.

Posted by Ron at 08/18/07 13:16:45

You boys are wishing and hoping at something that just won't happen.. cause well, I'm better than you all at this.

Posted by Jaime Sue at 08/18/07 18:02:44

Hey hey, no ganging up on Jamie. She's cool.

Unfortunately for her and the rest of you, cool isn't Grimey and this year it is a real simple formula.

Grimey = Greatness = Championship :)

Have a great day. :P

Posted by Len at 08/21/07 09:41:45

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