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Prison Blues vs Orange Jumpsuits: Tuesday Night's All Right For Fighting

While the legal troubles for Odell Thurman passed (his charges were dropped three days after they were pressed), no doubt the Bengals organization thought they were okay. Surely the team had learned their lesson, right? Nobody would do anything that stupid again, especially not veteran troublemakers.

Commissioner Roger “B. Goode” Goodell has stated that if Chris Henry gets into any more trouble, that he’ll be banished for life. Here’s hoping Chris learned a lot at the West Fuckin’ Virginia University, because he might be cruising for the permanent banhammer thanks to an incident in which he (along with fellow Bengal/prisoner Reggie McNeal) and another man supposedly hopped out of an Escalade and put the beat down on a 16-year-old boy and his 18-year-old friend.

For the record, Chris, you probably ought to not beat up or hump anybody under the age of 18. You might like ‘em young, but you’re getting a bit of an R. Kelly reputation, and nobody wants that. If this pans out and becomes an official accusation, Keyshawn Johnson might be receiving an offer to be the Bengals' new third wideout.
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They should be banished for sheer and utter stupidity.

Seriously, it's clowns like him that make me sick to be "black".

Posted by Len at 06/14/07 10:05:39

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