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Yet another contract clause...

Seeing as it's a day ending with the letter 'y', we have to say a bit about David Beckham. Like just about every Premiership footballer, he has a clause is his contract, which is causing all kinds of umming and aaring from the British press. It seems that Real Madrid can keep him in Spain if they offer him a new contract and he accepts. However, a spokesperson for Beckham says he has no intention of letting LA Galaxy down. So that's that then.

What I want to know is, what's the point of having a contract if you're just going to stick in clauses which actually make it effectively useless? A club signs a player for five years, but there's a clause which says he can leave after one, just because he doesn't like it. Next thing you know, there'll be clauses that allow players to miss training so they can sit on their sofas in their underwear, watching daytime TV (which I could understand, since Channel Five shows episodes of Columbo during the week).

We have to remember these people are role models. Members of the public (admittedly, rather stupid ones) will copy what they do. What would happen if these kinds of contract clauses started seeping into everyday life?

'Sorry, no school today kids. The teachers have 'no-children' clauses in their contracts.' Or 'Sorry, little Timmy, your daddy won't be getting that heart transplant. The doctors have 'no-blood' clauses'.

So essentially, David Beckham is going to be responsible making the nation illiterate, and for killing poor little Timmy's dad. Actually, I think I might have lost the thread just a little...
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Let's not forget all the crimes against fashion Becks is responsible for, like the sarong for men.

Posted by Ron at 06/11/07 11:20:51

The thing is, people actually copy what he does. The day I do that is the day I stop wearing my sarong.

Posted by Anthony at 06/11/07 11:51:57

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