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In one of the greatest hockey series that have been played in years, the Anaheim Ducks beat the Ottawa Senators tonight for the Stanley Cup. The only thing slightly disappointing with this win is that the series is over, because the quality of hockey between these two teams has been amazing. But I'm glad that if another team had to win the cup other than my Avalanche, who had a disappointing season, I'm glad it was the Ducks. And while the Ducks won the series 4-1, it was a lot closer than that near wipe-out makes it seem. It was a great final.

Congratulations to Scott Niedermayer who won the Conn Smythe Trophy and congratulations to the Ducks for their Stanley Cup Win in their 14th year as a team. And thanks for showing America what good Hockey is about. Let's home you earned the respect of some of the fans you lost in the lock-out.

And yes boys, this probably does mean that unless you actually play hockey, it's time to cut your hockey hair and shave those beards. Clean-up for the summer time of cleaner nicer sports.. like baseball, and golf. How dull.
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Next year in honor of the Stanley Cup, should the Penguins make the playoffs, I'm growing a playoff beard, since I'm pretty sure Sid Crosby can't yet.

Posted by Ron at 06/07/07 01:23:45

What? The Stanley Cup is over? I didn't even know it had started? Darn this whole "Not on TV" thing the NHL has gone to. Yet, I must say, it is an interesting way to bring in more fans to the great game of Hockey. Anyways...GO WILD! (I think they were in the playoff?!?!)

Posted by Spinler at 06/07/07 02:51:31

Spinler, the playoffs were aired, every single game on either VS or NBC. The last three games of the finals were aired primetime on NBC.

Posted by Jaime Sue at 06/07/07 12:40:14

Unless the horsies were running, then NBC said, "Screw hockey!" ;)

Posted by Jade at 06/07/07 14:32:08

"Screw Hockey!" and "Hello gossip about rich people there to watch the horsies"

Posted by Jaime Sue at 06/07/07 16:47:48

I know they were televised on OLN, whoops, I mean Vs., but I was more taking a jab at the "mentally deficient" employees running the Marketing Department at the NHL headquarters who decided it would be awesome to take hockey off of any sort of channel that people either had or even knew covered sports other than the Tour de France and PBR (Yes, I do occasionally watch Cyclism Sundays...laugh away). Congrats NHL, you continue to run your sport into the ground.

Posted by Spinler at 06/08/07 02:53:07

I believe it was one of those ATH panelists who wrote a 10 step plan to improving the NHL. Me? I've got a much simpler plan and I'll explain in two.

1) Get back on ESPN. Let the marketing juggernaut that is the Mothership of Sports and such do what the Mental Lemmings of the NHL's marketing department (if such one exists) do what they do. Hell, they've been making people care about baseball for years and that's about as exciting as watching Rosie dry hump... never mind that.
2) Market your stars. I'm not an avid NHL watcher, but I can tell you some stars that come off the top of my head. The league's not devoid of talent, so do what every other damn sport in the nation's doing and MARKET TOWARDS YOUR MARQUEE ATHLETES!!! Make people in these cities and markets want to tune in or drop the dollars to see them play and...well, you know the rest.

Ratings for the Cup were in the crapper
for NBC because hardly anyone knew it was on, unless you caught highlights on Sportscenter. Fans can't keep up with a sport if it's on a channel they have never even heard of (and I've gotten a few calls at work from folks asking me what network was carrying the playoffs and even they were like stupdified at the answer).

Congrats to the Ducks for winning it all. And for the love of all that's right with the world, SHAVE YOUR BEARDS!

Posted by Len at 06/08/07 12:22:38

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