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The Move Which Made Saturday And Sunday Irrelevant...

Took place when the Raiders dealt Randy Moss and a Lombardi Trophy to be won in February 2008, for a 4th round somebody who basically equates to "nobody significant". Now sure, that wasn't a part of the press release everyone's been reading and I'm sure everyone in Patriot Nation is doing every flip in the book over, but that's essentially what the Pats got yesterday afternoon. Now allow me to walk all of you down memory lane here for a hot second and this is quasi-personal to a degree. About 9 years ago, I was a Cowboys fan and on Draft Day, I sat in front of my television amped over the possibility of Randy Moss becoming a Cowboy. Teaming up with Irvin to put the 'Boys on top of the NFL and simply put, Aikman, Smith and Irvin getting one more big threat to become 'The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse'. I mean, even though Chan Gailey was no Jimmy Johnson, even HE couldn't have screwed that foursome up, right? Well, Jerry Jones passed on him and took Greg Ellis. 21 other teams did the same and the Vikings jumped at him. I predicted on that day, Moss would make the Cowboys pay for the snub and on Thanksgiving Day that season, he did just that. As good as Thanksgiving Dinner was, seeing Moss run up and down the field at will took the flavor out of it all for me.

Oh and don't believe or even buy into that whole "Moss is a cancer, I'd never take a player like that on my team" crap. The morons and fans who believe that are your Browns, Colts and Eagles fans who are still wondering if they'll win one in this lifetime or in the case of the Colts, when #2 will come because it won't be next season. Or the season after that, or the one after that. Before I came to the library to type this up, I had a nice column all written out about the Draft and what not until the computer I typed it on locked up on me. Lost the whole thing. Then, the more I sat down and thought it over, the article itself was a moot point thanks to Moss going to New England. Let's be clear about something here, folks. The Patriots without Moss were still a better TEAM than the Super Bowl Champion Colts. Brady is still 15 times the QB Peyton ever will be and Peyton knows this. The Patriots lost a HALF of football last season and it turned out to cost them the season. In an uncharacteristic move, Brady folded, Belichick let up and the Colts escaped to a Super Bowl it shouldn't have come close to winning. Belichick has now gone two years with his season ending without holding a big silver trophy in February. Brady has seen two teams that are nowhere near better than his, beat him and send his team home early. And it just so happened that the Faders in Chokeland had the missing piece of the puzzle all but waiting outside of the Black Hole waiting to be taken off their hands, because what's the good in being "Committed To Excellence" if mediocrity's all you can get? So the Pats handed the Faders one bean to get the football equivalent of a WMD.

There's only one way this will end and it's not with Moss imploding the locker room, there are too many veterans who will not stand for that sort of thing. Moss realizes this is his best shot at getting a title and much like Clock Killin' Corey Dillon realized when he touched down in Foxboro, soon to be renamed Titleboro, Moss will get in line. Moss will be Brady's best friend, they'll toast glasses, secondaries and in January...they'll get back to dusting off the Colts the way they're used to doing. Order will be restored in the NFL Universe as the Patriots win #4 in 6 years and we all hate them for it. Screw the Yanks and the so called "Evil Empire" crap we've slapped them with. They're old has beens living off of what was and is no longer. The new "Evil Empire" is in Foxboro and they just lured Ranakin Skywalker to the Blue Side. Game over, children, let the competition for 2nd and 3rd losers begin.
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