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State of the Sports Bastards Address

Hey gang, this is your fearless leader Ron with a State of the Sports Bastards Address. Since I know everyone cares about the inner workings of this site. Right, moving on.

First of all, we recently passed the 400 post mark, which is quite an accomplishment. Most of the props go to me, of course, but Rich, Len, and Jaime have also done their fair share of work for the cause, and I’m most appreciative of their efforts. Chris has been invaluable in feeding me ideas because he’s too lazy to post, and Spin’s been organizing our fantasy sports contests. Everyone else is, uh, still alive, I think.

So, in honor of the 400th post, and because I’m ready to start making money off this bitch, you’re going to start seeing these little Yardbarker tags on every entry (feel free to try it out now). Basically what you do is you click this bitch here, go to Yardbarker, publish an article about whatever you saw here, and everyone rates the post high or low. Depending on your rating (and our awesomeness), the post will either move up or down on the Yardbarker front page.

And yes, starting now, this will be done for every post on this website, so I expect you all to go back through and rate us way high. I want Yardbarker to be Sports Bastards Jr. Don’t let me down, hear?

Keep commenting, keep linking your friends, keep trolling for linkbacks from other websites, keep writing and reading and doing your thing. We’re still looking for writers to cover soccer (MLS or international), a baseball person, and a person/people to cover niche international sports (cricket, rugby, etc.) Spread the word and spread the butter.



EDIT: On second thought, fuck the Yardbarker thing. I don't think I'm doing it right and it's just pissing me off. Instead, I added an idiot-proof Feedburner chicklet to our list of RSS feed options that nobody uses.
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You give me Terrell Owens the entire year and I'd post more

Posted by Chris at 04/23/07 22:07:53

If you want him, you can keep him. I'm sick of the bastard.

Posted by Ron at 04/23/07 23:40:43

I'd love to be the baseball guy but I'm afraid I have a huge bias. I only follow three teams:
1. Minnesota Twins
2. Whomever is beating the White Sox, and
3. Whomever is beating the Yankees.

Congrats on the 400 posts and I will continue to try to come up with funny and insightful things to say before you guys all beat me to it, and when that fails, at least I can run a good fantasy league!

Posted by Spinler at 04/24/07 02:22:44

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Posted by O.D. at 04/24/07 14:43:53

Spin: Hey, it works for ESPN Page 2's baseball guy, and he's a Masshole Sawx fan.

O.D.: Are you saying I should try to get a beer company to slap some ads up here? Or that we should write about beer, too? (side note: I used to do beer reviews for my old movie review website, and am looking to get back into the game)

Share your expertise; shoot me an email.

Posted by Ron at 04/25/07 12:23:34

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