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Binge drink, motherfucker!

Tony La Russa, this Bud's for you!

As you know, Cardinals manager and World Series Champion Tony La Russa was caught drinking and driving last night in Florida. He was stopped at a stoplight, car in drive, and slept through two straight lights before the cops finally decided to get off their doughnut-sucking asses and see what was the matter. Of course, since most normal people don't sleep at stoplights, Tony was breath-tested, where he blew a 0.092, which is half a sangria over the legal limit of 0.08.

I guess, technically, he was drunk and sleeping, not drinking and driving. Of course, the car was still in drive, but in a situation like that (pay attention, this is for your benefit), if you're in the car with the keys in the ignition, even if the car is in park and off, YOU WILL GET ARRESTED FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING. Even if you're a Genius like Tony La Russa.

Below are a couple of appropriate tunes to sum up Tony's adventures in Florida. So, take your pick, kids. Either one fits. As for me, I've got a celebratory adult beverage to drink. To your health, Tony!

The Business - Drinking and Driving, set to some gay-ass montage.

Black Flag - Drinking and Driving, the actual music video from 1985
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Black Flag should be tracking down and beating the ever-loving crap out of whoever made that shitty cover and video.

Posted by Jade at 03/23/07 01:03:35

Actually, The Business came first, and their Drinking and Driving is a totally different song from the Black Flag Drinking and Driving. But the video is shitty and none of the live Business videos on YouTube sounded good.

I've seen The Business live, and they kick major ass.

Posted by Ron at 03/23/07 01:38:27

To the guy in the Business video who gets run over by a car...Might not be a good idea to walk across the street while the lyrics "Drinking and driving is so much fun" are playing.

Posted by Chris at 03/23/07 18:52:33

The business and nice remix too - as for the black flag totally gaylord

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