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I should be so lucky!

Cuckolded husband/running joke Kris Benson, who apparently moonlights at some sort of ball-hurling fellow for the Baltimore Orioles, who are apparently some sort of professional baseball club (despite all on-field evidence to the contrary), has injured his arm. Thanks to a torn rotator cuff, he’ll be missing the 2007 season. They haven’t announced how he hurt himself, but odds are he threw his arm out humping his wife.

While it’s a shame he doesn’t get to go out there and make some free agency dollars, on the plus side, he doesn’t have to watch the Baltimore Orioles play. He’ll still get to apply for free agency, and he’ll get to spend the next season banging the hell out of his wife/model/gold-digging slut Anna Benson, so it looks like Kris Benson is Major League Baseball’s Luckiest Bastard of 2007 before the season even starts. With a streak of luck like this, I imagine next Kris Benson will break his foot with a giant bag of free money falls on it.

Then again, he's still a man named Kris, so take that for what you will.
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Orioles fans (assuming any do exist) can also feel good knowing that Anna will be too busy banging Kris (and anyone else on the DL) to bring anymore embarrassment to the team. After all, the team is more than capable of providing its own embarrassment.

Posted by Jade at 02/12/07 19:53:19

Let's look at it this way. Sure she's an embarrassment to the team and her husband, but he's also getting paid to not do anything for the next year. Who wouldn't want that, even if it does mean you have to listen to Anna Benson talk for several hours a day?

Posted by Ron at 02/12/07 22:17:48

Have you ever heard her talk? I get the feeling Kris will be super-gluing her mouth shut by Week 2.

Posted by Jade at 02/13/07 00:25:21

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