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Concerning the Indianapolis/Patriots game

[19:37] Ron: And Ron writes "Game Over" in his notebook
[19:37] Chris: Haha
[19:38] Ron: 4th and 6 and you can't get a stop?

[time lapse]

[19:52] Ron: So, think I can safely turn the football game off since I've already written 'game over' in my notebook?
[19:52] Chris: Yeah, the notebook is final
[19:52] Chris: Now its Obama V Billy B. Hobo

Time to go see what "The Simpsons" are up to.

Edit-10:22 PM EST: Well, that was fun. As Bill Simmons would say ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the Brady Face. Kenny Chesney is getting some awesome head tonight, because Peyton learned how to not choke.
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Dude, I hope you haven't just given my Pats the kiss of death--as is, it's all I can do to keep my fence-jumping hubby from rooting for them.

Posted by Jade at 01/21/07 20:25:48

What's that you say Bob, people shouldn't call a game over before the first quarter even ends? Especially when said "winning" team is only up by a single score at the end of the half?

Posted by Jaime Sue at 01/21/07 22:07:40

*pelts Ron with Chunky Soup cans*

Posted by Jade at 01/21/07 22:28:10

*puts out a Riot Shield and protects he and Ron* Fuck the Pats! Brady choked! Hahaha.

Posted by Rich at 01/21/07 22:30:10

*runs you both down with Tank the rental car* Feh, I say. GO BEARS!

Posted by Jade at 01/21/07 22:56:37

Black Bowl I. I feel a rant coming on...

Oh and go Bears. I feel more sympathy for Flexy Rexy to win rather than ole Peyton.

Posted by Len at 01/22/07 14:42:18

Guess New England can have all offseason to regret dancing on the Chargers field and jinxing their chances. GO COLTS

Posted by at 07/27/07 17:09:35

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