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Glug glug neigh

Sometimes you've got a big date, but you're nervous. So, what do you do? You have yourself a little drink before you go out. Not too much, just enough to steady the hands and refresh the courage. You're human after all.

Sometimes, you've got yourself a big race, but you're nervous? So what does your vet do? He injects you with a little vodka before you go out to the track. Not too much, just enough to settle the nerves and keep those hooves from beating too hard. You're a prized thoroughbred, after all.

Maybe Barry Bonds using those horse steroids wasn't such a bad idea?
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That must be the explanation for Michael Vick's special water bottle--he just needed it to calm his nerves before flying. ;)

Posted by Jade at 01/20/07 03:54:24

I think I need an injection of vodka.

Posted by Jaime Sue at 01/21/07 01:04:28

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