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The End of an Era in Pittsburgh

It's going to be official. Bill "The Chin" Cowher is going to ride off into the sunset for at least this year, as is reported by the man with the serial killer smirk. He calls it retirement. I'll call it like I see it. It's holding out for a team that'll pay for that gigantic chin and the ego that comes with it. So, let's remind you the viewer why Bill's retiring.

The Offensive Line

All the hot fans that double as the offensive line...

Of course, there's more...

Their world champion QB, Ben Worthlessberger. Which as you see, showed up for the Super Bowl last year much like White Trash Shockey and Boomer Wells.

And finally, so that even Ron agrees...

He looks like he's taking a fucking dump in that one. Of course, after he pulls off the flying headbutt from the seat of his crotch rocket... I don't think Ben's been quite the same.

So, for those who're wondering was Bill will do if the stations don't call him immediately. I'll have an immediate answer that's been made for us already.

That's right, the place where people that yell incoherently for reason go to be breathing statues. (Re: Drew Bledsoe's retirement job after the NFL...)

All the credit isn't mine. Thank the boys over at Steelers Suck.

Don't worry, Steelers fans. I don't hate you entirely. I do want to see Kellan Winslow II break another leg. I also want to see Braylon Edwards take a long walk off of a short pier. However, I hope that Bill's inability to realize that Charlie Batch is better than Big Dumb Ben will be corrected next season.

Adios, Chin. We're probably not going to miss you for too long...
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It'll be nice for him to have 8 months or so off before next football season.

Posted by Ron at 01/05/07 09:05:14

I will never go to Steeler nation now because...THAT FAT BITCH IN THE MIDDLE IS STEELER NATION!


Posted by Chris at 01/05/07 16:03:13

Damn, (speaking of the large female in the yellow) I hope that is a photo shop error, or else...she would make for an excellent reincarnation of William Perry (the Fridge) in a futuristic female football league,...let's say...during the year of 2012.

Posted by O.D. at 01/06/07 15:11:59

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