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We Interrupt Your Life for an A.I. WHAT THE FUCK?!! Moment.

According to the SoulStealer (TM ), Allen didn't storm into Billy King's office and demand the trade out of Suckadelphia.

To quote: "I went into a meeting with Billy and I had expressed my frustrations," Iverson said. "We had lost 12 of 14 games and something wasn't right. I told Billy King we couldn't win with this style. I didn't directly say, 'Trade me -- I'm ready to go.'"

Hey, Billy! Gots some 'splaning to do, son.

So, what do you folks think? Did Billy want A.I. out, or is A.I. trying to look good. If we had a poll device, I'd put one here, but vote with comments. I'll figure it out in a post in the future. Ok?
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Here's how I think it breaks down:

Allen Iverson is on the wrong side of 30 and very expensive. He won't be able to play this way forever.

No black person (especially after Kobe bangulated that cracker) ever wants to live in Colorado, especially after 2 feet of snow.

Do I need to spell it out?

Posted by Ron at 12/21/06 14:39:26

I think it's a little of both; much as I like AI, I know he's volatile enough to make some serious noise when he's not happy, and I can imagine that at some point, Billy King would get fed up enough to say, "Fine, I will FIND you someplace else to bitch and moan about, mothafucka."

Notice AI did say, "I didn't DIRECTLY say, 'Trade me -- I'm ready to go.'"
In other words, he either DID imply something to that effect or he may have made what he considered empty threats on the subject. Either way, it apparently didn't exactly go over the way he expected it to. I'm sure he was just as surprised as anyone when Billy King said, "Okay, we'll trade you.", but he's not entirely innocent in all this.

Posted by Jade at 12/21/06 15:37:51

"I didn't DIRECTLY say, 'Trade me -- I'm ready to go,' but I did say 'If you don't get me out of this shitty team, I'm going to kill you.'"

Posted by Ron at 12/21/06 15:40:16

Nah, this is how it went down between AI and Billy King:

[AI walks into Billy's office]

AI: I want up off this team!
BK: Why?
BK: You've been here for your entire career!
AI: Yeah, but you guys have been bombing ass since we got to the Finals. Now you are going to let me off this team or I'm going to call up TO, lock the door, and after two hours you are going to want to kill yourself, and here's how that convo is gonna go

[TO is in Billy King's office]

TO: Blah, blah, blah, blah-
TO: Lemme help you out with that...Wait

[TO shifts his eyes]

TO: My publicist ain't around is she? I'ma shoot that bitch next week.

BK: She's not around

TO: Aite, take these pills, they helped me when I didn't "kill myself"

Posted by Chris at 12/21/06 22:13:42

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