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An Open Letter to you fellow Sports Bastards.

EDIT: Hi kids, Ron here. Remember this post? Well, I got a lovely letter from Mr. Kevin Keown, dad of former Vandy punter Kyle, asking that we take the post down. It's not my post, so I can't remove it, but I can edit it and include his letter concerning the post and the incident.

Since this is one of the first things that pops up when you Google Kyle's name, I figure this was the best course of action. Considering the original post is still up on Deadspin, and there's an article about it on Inside Vandy, he's got a lot more work to do to get his son's name out of the news.

Good luck finding a job, Kyle.

Dear Sir:

I have previously contacted you about removing the link to my son, Kyle Keown, that has appeared on your site for more than one year. I have previously informed you of the inaccuracy of the information as it was first written by Petr Franklin, and how the legal system has ultimately proved it false as well. You may well know that the Vanderbilt Hustler removed this story the day after it was printed and again removed another version by a different writer and then removed it altogether. Petr Franklin was a classmate of co-defendant Sarah Treikal, who under oath admitted to starting the events that transpired. There was never a "police report," only a statement by Richard Kovalcheck that was thrown out when this case came before the appropriate authorities.

This article continues to appear with internet search engines. It has now risen to the top, as the other sites, except for two others, have seen the decency to remove it from their servers. I ask you to now do the same. It serves you, Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt's "community" and certainly my son, no purpose to continue to display false and prejudicial information.

My son now seeks employment and this information has already become a problem for him, with potential employers already referencing your information as a liability for him and them. The libel laws now hold internet sites to the same standards as any other media. We kindly and respectfully request that this information be removed immediately.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kevin O. Keown
Article removed at family's request. All comments are removed also. Thank you for understanding.
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