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At what price infamy?

One year. Sixteen million dollars. That’s the going rate for an injury riddled 42 year old power hitter who can barely trot around the bases, let alone play the outfield. However, when it comes to Barry Lamar Bonds, there is only one number that really matters.

It’s not the 7 MVP awards. It’s not the 8 gold gloves. It’s not the 509 stolen bases. It’s not the 13 All Star appearances. The only numbers that matter to Barry and the Giants is 755, Henry Aaron’s home run record, and 22, the number of dingers Bonds needs to hit to pass Hammerin’ Hank and assume his place atop the record books as the greatest statistical power hitter of all time, and the greatest San Francisco Giant of all time.

The Giants know that without Bonds, they’re nothing.

They’re an ancient team with Barry, and an ancient team without Barry. More damning, they have no star players sans Bonds, which is why it became necessary for San Fran to make this deal for one more year of sold out seats. There was no other player who could’ve drawn half as well as Barry can in the Bay Area, and I’d like to think it was as obvious to Giants as it was to me.

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, then Barry Bonds is the lefty swing that launched a thousand kayaks. The Giants could’ve signed Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Manny Ramirez, and Roger Clemens, and the story of all next season would’ve still been the Greatest Show on Bovine Steroids, Barry Bonds. Smart move, San Francisco. You’ve ensured yourself another year of massive free publicity.

One year. Sixteen million dollars. That’s the going rate for a 42 year old power hitter whose bad wheels turn doubles into singles and who is a defensive black hole in left field.

Sixteen million dollars for a guy who makes Jose Canseco look like a Gold Glove caliber outfielder. Sixteen million dollars for a guy who makes Rickey Henderson look humble. Sixteen million dollars for a guy who makes Darryl Strawberry look like a DARE poster child. Sixteen million dollars for a place in the history books.

Seems like a reasonable price to pay.
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Which part of history, though, Ron? The good part of the books, or the complete gomers of the MLB universe?

Posted by Rich at 12/08/06 12:38:27

I still say the Sux and the Giants should have done a straight-up trade: Manny Ramirez for Barry Bonds. ;)

Posted by Jade at 12/08/06 14:44:08

Funny, I don't think they did a whole lot WITH him either. And this is in the worst division in the National League mind you.

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