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Arnold Jacob "Red" Auerbach - September 20, 1917 to October 28, 2006

The Greatest NBA Coach of All Time, Red Auerbach, died last night.

What can be said about Red Auerbach and his Celtics teams? He did something that not even Phil Jackson could do. He won nine NBA rings with the same city. Red was the The Coach of Boston. A cigar in his mouth and his eye on the prize at all times. After leaving Boston, he continued to do the one thing he loved to do. He continued to coach his "kids".

He won 938 games in the NBA, the second highest win records. The highest goes to one of his friends, Lenny Wilkens, with 1,332 wins.

Red won with fire, passion, and most importantly, class. Even the current thugs of the NBA regard Red as The Man. How much influence does Red have? All coaches have in form or another tried to emulate Red's ability. Only Phil got close.

There will never be another Red Auerbach, and a man like him, the NBA needs now more than ever. Red was a man who wouldn't take any of the thuggery in HIS locker room. A man who wasn't afraid to tell his star play to "Shut up and play. I don't give a damn who endorses you." His most blantant point for all coaches to tack down on their boards. "Animals, you discipline. People, you handle with respect."

Rest In Peace, Coach. May your wisdom impact all generations.
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Not only am I a lifelong Celtics fan, but I'm also old enough to remember when CBS used to show basketball tips from Red during their games. The claymation figure of Red they used to open each segment was just priceless. Red Auerbach was and is the Boston Celtics; it just isn't going to be the same without him around. Charles Barkley called him "basketball royalty"; I can't think of a better description.

Posted by Jade at 10/30/06 01:03:14

RIP Red.

Posted by The Critic at 10/30/06 08:30:04

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