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This is the archive for February 2007

Jersey's Random Two.

Figured I'd get myself back up and running by rambling on two random things that are driving me nuts or just need to be mentioned as a whole.

First, congrats to Wisconsin for doing their best OSU impersonation (College Football wise) and falling to Michigan State University last night in Breslin. This so validates what I tried to tell someone about Michigan State as a team and Izzo as a coach. It's not gonna shock me when Michigan State makes the Big Dance and sends someone home early. [Knowing me, it'll be a team I predicted to go far and I'll be pissed.]

Secondly, congrats to Kris Benson for being injured and missing most of the year. Huh? He's married to Anna. If that's not reason enough to tear or break every bone and muscle in your body, I don't know what is. Seriously.

Third, Tim Hardaway. From here on in, he shall be referred to as Tim Hateagay. Hate is a very strong word and simply put, shouldn't be used in any way, shape, form or fashion unless the guy kills someone of your immediate family. Then you can hate until you're blue in the face or you get us into a war with no exit strategy for close to five years after the fact. Anyway, I don't have a problem with gays as a whole, I have a cousin in my family who's gay and she's a great person. Being gay doesn't
diminish a person as a whole, but you'd swear it was a dehabilitating thing that just totally turns them into a eunuch or something. Anyway, I don't buy Tim's foot in the mouth rant or his day late apology which did nothing other than insert his own foot further. Congrats Timmy, you're the Moron of the Month. Sorry A.J., not even hiring Norv Never could get you this one.

Alright, onto the Big Three.
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